Endangered Data

Datasets from the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center FTP Archive vulnerable to repression or erasure by the trump admnistration stored in the pixels of digital images using the cryptographic method known as steganography.

"...to incandescence to ore, to Earth."

Ray-traced computer-generated images, 3d prints and VR piece examining the nature and range of relationships between physical and digital bodies and objects and how these relationships might evolve as technologies that allow for these relationships become increasingly embedded in our everyday lives.

Everything Is Collective

Everything Is Collective (E.I.C.) is an ongoing collaboration with two other artists - Aaron Hegert and Jason Lukas. Since 2013 the group has worked together on numerous exhibitions, publications, and web-based projects, all of which address contemporary issues in photography and image making.

Exotic Matter

Computer-generated imagery exploring perception of the photographic image and its often tenuous connections to representation and materiality.

Light Field Imaging/Computational Photography

Collaborative research project with computer scientist Dr. Andrew Lumsdaine, visual artist Jeffrey Wolin, sound artist Norbert Herber and computer scientist Georgi Chunev on the scientific and creative applications of light-field imaging / computational photography.


Archive of studio tests, sketches and ideas.