PART I: skin to sheet steel   |   PART II: incandescence to ore, to Earth

incandescence to ore, to Earth is a virtual experiment that attempts to fuse the ancient and the contemporary, the evaluative and the empathetic and the virtual and the physical. The hand tools shown here (LA 91 W 47 9, LA 91 V 46 6, FxJj 63 H and FxJj 18 GL 6125) are digital facsimile of objects crafted by humans approximately 2 million years ago. The human figure shown here is a digital facsimile of the artist’s body crafted approximately 2 months ago. Simulation of the hand gestures required to grasp the objects is informed by the particular material properties of the hand tools (e.g., x=50.36; y=30.03; z=46.02 mm; Raw Material: Basalt) and the structural idiosyncrasies of the virtual body. The work is intended as a meditation on the range and nature of relationships possible between physical and digital bodies and objects and how these relationships might evolve as technologies that allow for these relationships become increasingly embedded in our everyday lives.